Primitive Santa is on his way...

I wouldn't have bothered to make this Santa,
if it wasn't for some neat friends that requested it.

They have very generously gifted me with
spindles and sheep's wool in the past.

To show my thanks one year,
I made them a prim santa with a spindle and their wool.
I was later asked to make a similar one for their relative.

Last year I was too busy, and
time flew by.....and it didn't happen.
I had taken a break from creating prims,
but didn't want to let my friends down this year.

I decided to make a "batch" rather than one,
to give my friends a selection.

It's been a while since I grunged anything,
and I may have been a little heavy with the walnut crystals,
and I realized too late that I forgot the cinnamon....oh well.

It was dark enough to even stain the wood bases,
which surprisingly now match the spindles.

I had intented to paint, crackle and distress them,
but I think I will leave them just as they are.

So today is a dank, rainy day,
and I'm in my glory.
Yesterday I cleaned the house, and started
the santas, letting them dry overnight.
Now with chores done, I'm happily playing in my studio,
listening to jazzy Christmas songs,
and primming Santas.

I baked a couple banana breads earlier,
and have a pea soup in the crock pot.
The house is warm and cozy,
an entire afternoon ahead of me,
and it's one down, three to go!

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Diane said...

Okay, I love collecting Santas, and these are right up my alley--love em!!