Shopping, Cloth Paper and Heartache

I began my morning putting away yesterday's purchases.
This "snow happy" stitchery was created by my friend Pam.
He's now hanging in my studio.

This stitchery pillow was created by my friend Deb.
She finally indulged in a little grunge, and I love her work.
It was her 10th anniversary Homespun Christmas,
and her house was packed more than I've ever seen it.
An awesome turnout. 
I also made it to Sage Farm Antiques.
I couldn't resist $2.50 for the letter holder.
White buttons for my stash, and a vintage Christmas tablecloth.
The atmosphere in the antique shop with greenery,
christmas balls, and red and white accents FINALLY put me
in the spirit to decorate for the holidays.

Cloth Paper
This is the coolest technique, and easier than I thought.
Layers of muslin, paper, tissue and paint.
Once dry, imagine the mixed media possibilities.

This is where the heartache fits in.
As I was preparing this post, as always
my furry friends are by my side,
napping or causing mischief.
Always keeping me company,
and putting a smile on my face.

My dear Max is finally fighting for his life.
His respiratory functions appear to be failing.
He is having much difficulty breathing,
and I fear the time has come to make that dreadful trip.
I know this will be my last photo of Max.
16 sweet years....
and time to say goodbye.


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I am so sorry, Sam, that you are losing your dear friend, Max. As hard as it is, you know that you're doing it for his sake.

The Vintage Polka Dot said...

Hey Sam. I'm thinking about your girlie.