Merry Halloween New England!

It's most unusual to expect snowfall before raking the leaves,
or before the trick-or-treaters come a-beggin'!
But hey, this is New England after all.
We lost power Saturday night,
and in the wee hours this morning,
the utility trucks could be heard
repairing the transformer,
and bam, we had our power back.
Some folks are still in the dark however...

 5 inches of snow did this damage to our clothes line.
I guess all in all, we were pretty lucky
compared to some folks.
Gotta love New England.
Merry Halloween!


Transitioning into Fall

This photo was taken by me a couple years ago
while vending at a local craft fair.
This is my favorite time of year.
Warm sunny days, with crispness in the air.
The leaves are turning splendid colors....
...and I feel less guilty spending time indoors in my studio.
The gardens no longer beckon me outdoors....
and it's still too early to rake the leaves...sooooo
I can now spend more time doing this.