Merry Halloween New England!

It's most unusual to expect snowfall before raking the leaves,
or before the trick-or-treaters come a-beggin'!
But hey, this is New England after all.
We lost power Saturday night,
and in the wee hours this morning,
the utility trucks could be heard
repairing the transformer,
and bam, we had our power back.
Some folks are still in the dark however...

 5 inches of snow did this damage to our clothes line.
I guess all in all, we were pretty lucky
compared to some folks.
Gotta love New England.
Merry Halloween!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

We, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning. Now it's all gone already.
Winter is upon us, sadly.
Hugs and blessings

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Sam
Thanks for posting the snow photos...I think my sister had 11 inches of snow in Pepperell, Massachusetts and Boston only had one inch! And my brother is in Fredericksburg, Virginia and had wind and snow...not fun...very pretty but lots of work to shovel the snow!
Have a lovely day today!
Teresa in California
P.S. I found a new blog today, new to me anyway, 'Heartworks' She does paper collage. On her sidebar is a tutorial for a paper flower collage...very nice, a April 2010 post. She lives in the Phillipines.

Kim Mailhot said...

we were lucky too, here in Manchester , though at lot of the city is still without power and many, many trees were very damaged.
The snow this early makes me sad though. Ah, well...
Happy Halloween !

Clare said...

Brr it looks cold and no power - glad you got power back so soon - it looks like you are in for a long cold winter. I'll have to send you lots of warmth from Africa.