Use it up

Use it up, wear it out
make it do, or do without.

I don't typically make new year's resolutions.
This year I am.

I can't bear to throw things out,
and I realized, I AM a hoarder of sorts.


Taking a deep breath before the rush.

 I'm grateful to live near the ocean.

It's comforting to go there,
when I have things on my mind.

Mom doesn't get the chance to visit often,
so we made a day of it.

Always happy to find a heart shaped rock.

Enjoying the last of fall,
with winter on it's heels.
I can't believe Thanksgiving
is already behind us,
with Christmas bearing down,
like a freight train.



Painted papers and sentiments

The leaves are beginning to turn,
there is a chill to the air,
 and the days are getting shorter.
I'm finding my way to the studio
more frequently now.


A little get-a-way to charge the battery.

Sometimes, a new environment
puts a new perspective on things.

Sometimes, you need to stop and look.
Be proud of your country.

Little morning surprises are waiting for you.
Don't take them for granted.
They are all around you,
if you take the time to see them.
They won't be there for very long.

A different view.
It's all you need.

A new day.
It fills me up.

taking time to enjoy life.


Something Magical

Something magical...
about being in the right place at the right moment.


Morning Ritual

It's a slow process,
but manageable with only 15 minutes a day.
My goal is downsize my stash.
I'm actually making progress
with this little morning ritual.
I could actually make a couple quilts
by summer's end, at the rate I'm going!


Pettengill Farm ~ The Vintage Bazaar

The day began a little overcast,
but once the clouds moved on,
it got pretty hot and steamy!

We managed to hit a few tag sales
on our drive over the this farm.

Necklaces on a rake.

shabby chic, and very clever

I love this sign.

Hens and chickens in beautiful glasses with silver.

Ooooh I can imagine travelling bohemian gypsy-style in this rig. 

A very inviting shady spot.

I love to see anything recycled/repurposed!
This furniture looks very sturdy!

I can't get enough luggage.

I can't help thinking,
God Bless America

Every farm needs a mascot.
This is a huge animal.
I took a picture with my standing
nearby, but she would kill me if
I posted her picture.
Since tomorrow is her birthday,
I'll be nice.