Morning Ritual

It's a slow process,
but manageable with only 15 minutes a day.
My goal is downsize my stash.
I'm actually making progress
with this little morning ritual.
I could actually make a couple quilts
by summer's end, at the rate I'm going!


Pettengill Farm ~ The Vintage Bazaar

The day began a little overcast,
but once the clouds moved on,
it got pretty hot and steamy!

We managed to hit a few tag sales
on our drive over the this farm.

Necklaces on a rake.

shabby chic, and very clever

I love this sign.

Hens and chickens in beautiful glasses with silver.

Ooooh I can imagine travelling bohemian gypsy-style in this rig. 

A very inviting shady spot.

I love to see anything recycled/repurposed!
This furniture looks very sturdy!

I can't get enough luggage.

I can't help thinking,
God Bless America

Every farm needs a mascot.
This is a huge animal.
I took a picture with my standing
nearby, but she would kill me if
I posted her picture.
Since tomorrow is her birthday,
I'll be nice.