Taking a deep breath before the rush.

 I'm grateful to live near the ocean.

It's comforting to go there,
when I have things on my mind.

Mom doesn't get the chance to visit often,
so we made a day of it.

Always happy to find a heart shaped rock.

Enjoying the last of fall,
with winter on it's heels.
I can't believe Thanksgiving
is already behind us,
with Christmas bearing down,
like a freight train.



Chris said...

What a wonderful life, to live close to the ocean. We have a place on a lake in NH, but with the harsh weather up there, we only visit in the spring and fall. It's hard to believe some people have no love of the water - what kind of people are they, I wonder!

Cameron said...

So glad to have you along for my creative journey! I shall be following along with yours now, too :)

I love finding heart shaped rocks! That one is a biggie!!

Christmas is definately coming too quickly....haha!

My best,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love the heart shaped rock. I've only found one! Happy times!