After the storm...

Right on schedule.
I happened to be in the right spot,
at the right time.
My back yard view.

I grabbed my phone,
and have to say,
Instagram rocks!


Playtime is over.

I managed to get a couple things
listed in my Etsy Shop this morning.

Now it's time to work on my taxes.
Not looking forward to this task!

"Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
May the luck of the Irish
be there with you!

Playtime is over for now!


How quickly the seasons change...

"St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time; 
a day to begin transforming
winter's dreams into summer's magic".
Adrienne Cook


I managed to finish the punched hearts.
I love how they turned out.

The walnut crystals enhances where the color changes.

I found wool used for the edging
at one of the shops I visited yesterday.
Gorgeous, thick and the perfect color!

After finishing the hearts,
I raided my wool bin.
I just had this urge to work with wool.

This little pillow is the outcome
of that sudden burst of creativity
totally out of the blue.

I didn't measure a thing,
and had no vision.
Each step was random,
and experimental.

I used fabric scraps to stuff the pillow,
and added a big scoop of lavender buds.
Oh my gosh, I want to keep this!
But it's listed.....HERE

It's noon, and I'm still in my nightgown.
It's also snowing again,
and I probably should get some shores done,
but I'll be taking my sweet time.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend
as much as I am!!!



My 3-day weekend begins NOW!
Just peeked outside and it's snowing.
Oh...the possibilities.