Color Splash

I've been pretty quiet of late.
The last two weeks, I've been fighting
a head cold, relapse and fatigue.

So, I gave in to rest.
My body may have slowed down,
but my mind could not stop.

I put a serious dent in my sari ribbons!

This journal has 98 pages of 
painted papers, waste paper, wallpaper, 
scrapbook paper, card stock and fabric.

There are 3 signatures, each with an outer folio
of fabric stitched with ribbons, lace, 
buttons and mixed stitches.

I created assorted pocket 
crannies to hold hidden tags.
A large button on the front, and a 
sari ribbon sewn to the back.
This makes a perfect closure
to keep the journal safe 
with lots of potential to expand.