Punch Needle Ornies with Bling

 Red Punch Needle Beaded Ornament

I love beads!
Can't resist adding a little zest
to punch needle ornaments!
Traditional red snowflake.

 Kelley Green Punch Needle Beaded Ornament

The snowflakes were a little tricky.
Green & purple together; a little funky!

 Cream Punch Needle Beaded Ornament

I love the natural soft tones on this one.

Merry Holidays!
Did I really just say that?

Scrappy Chic

 Scrappy Chic Applique Pillow


Disguised to protect their identity...

It's going to be a special day today....
A day filled with surprises...

this couple is travelling to their new home today

 As well as this little guy....
but just in case someone is wise enough to peek here,

We'll just add a little filter or two....
So you get the idea.....
I LOVE surprises,
especially when I'm giving them.