Bead it!

I have a hard time throwing things away.

I had accumulated a generous pile of painted muslin 
used to mop up paint spills.
(during other projects).

The fabrics were so pretty, but it took me
a while to come up with a project 
in order to use the fabric.

I decided to cut off little pieces
and appliqued whimsical flowers
to torn scraps of vintage tablecloths and linens.

I stitched assorted beads around the edges...

and Swarovski crystals in some of the centers.

A different color in the center 
with complimentary beads to make it pop.

 It was very relaxing to stitch in front of the TV.
But my finished appliques began to pile up
before I could decide what I was going to do next.

I decided to quilt around the flowers,
using a mix of scraps that would frame
the applique projects as focal points.

The fabric pieces later turned into zippered totes,
which I have listed in my Etsy shop.

This project was an experiment dying crocheted scraps,
and later stitched and beaded like the other flowers.


One thing lead to another

 I love experimenting with fabrics and paint.

Some time ago, I decided to paint various fabrics,
in order to use up old paints, and
do something with fabrics that were not my favorite.

I attempted to create totes solely with one particular
painted fabric.  But it just didn't feel quite right.
So the fabrics sat for a while....

Then one day, I decided to cut up the fabrics
and see what happened next.

Well, again the fabrics sat for a while.

Then one day, I decided to create a patchwork
of the painted fabrics, with quilting to 
acquire a padded effect.
I felt like I was making progress,
but still couldn't decide what to do next.


Yes, the project once again, sat for a while.

Then it hit me.
I decided to make a pouch,
after purchasing an assortment of zippers.

You know, sometimes you just have to let
those ideas percolate.

More pouches coming soon!


Handmade Mixed Media Art Journal

Soft Cover made of patchwork painted papers and fabric.

Secured with a sari ribbon bow/

3 Signatures - 78 pages

Bits of lace and painted papers peeking out.

Back Cover 

View of the spine

Assorted painted papers binding

Gelli painted papers


 stitched paper cartoon

strip of painted fabric for accent


Painted papers accented with chalk pastels
Sheet music painted over lightly with gesso

Ink sprays

Wax linen covered with a strip of painted fabric

 tea dyed lace

aida cloth

 lace and scrap ribbon

lace pocket

 black and white image accented with painted waste paper & fabric
bits of sewn painted waste paper accented with color

 painted duck cloth pocket
 linen pocket with crocheted edge

collaged napkin 

and washi tape accent

 collaged sheet music

The End