Oh, the memories....

I'm back in New England 
after a couple incredible weeks in the Caribbean.

These are spectacular views
from the Peace Hill Ruins.

Trunk Bay
A typical tourist beach.
Luckily, my son was our tour guide,
and brought us to his favorite spots,
that were more secluded 
and frequented by the natives.

Every viewpoint was breathtaking.

My first day back from vacation
I came down with some kind of stomach bug.
Followed by a hacking cough,
and then a reaction to the codeine cough syrup.

Since being home,
we received over 4 feet of snow,
and paid for 7 snow removals.

This morning, pinch me I'm dreaming!
Can it possibly be snowing again?
Absolutely not dreaming.

Well, there are always 
the memories to reflect on.

I will eventually share more photos
of my trip in the days to come.
For now, I need to
prepare to do a little more shoveling.  :>(

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