Beauty is in the eye of the BEHOLDER

Handmade mixed media art journal.
Made with recycled materials around my studio.

Stitched patchwork painted papers

Coptic stitch over canvas strapping

Strapping secured with brads and glue

4 signatures - 7 pockets - 78 pages

Sari ribbon stitched to edges embellished with bead trim

Sari ribbon closure attached with eyelets

Lightweight and colorful, filled with textures

painted muslin ruffle with lace trim

painted geli papers

envelope with painted paper tags

papers scraps

scrap artwork


washi tape

vintage trim

fortune cookie sentiment

photo copy - fabric/paper/lace tirm

Lots of blank spaces....

Thanks for looking!
available HERE


Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper
Leonard Nimoy - may he R.I.P.

My creative goals in the new year,
include a dedicated attempt to use up 
my stash of supplies.

We have had an incredible snowy winter this year,
and in anticipation of a very wet basement in the spring,
I have been evacuating and relocating tubs of supplies.

By moving things around,
a funny thing happened. 
I felt a spark of creativity and imagination,
just by peeking in my tubs,
and taking inventory of where all my supplies were.