One thing lead to another

 I love experimenting with fabrics and paint.

Some time ago, I decided to paint various fabrics,
in order to use up old paints, and
do something with fabrics that were not my favorite.

I attempted to create totes solely with one particular
painted fabric.  But it just didn't feel quite right.
So the fabrics sat for a while....

Then one day, I decided to cut up the fabrics
and see what happened next.

Well, again the fabrics sat for a while.

Then one day, I decided to create a patchwork
of the painted fabrics, with quilting to 
acquire a padded effect.
I felt like I was making progress,
but still couldn't decide what to do next.


Yes, the project once again, sat for a while.

Then it hit me.
I decided to make a pouch,
after purchasing an assortment of zippers.

You know, sometimes you just have to let
those ideas percolate.

More pouches coming soon!

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