How one thing leads to another

I was inspired by a Creative Bug workshop
She created a beautiful quilt
with a focus on flowers.

My initial attempt was to create a similar project....
but my creative process steered me into another direction.


I began sewing a pile of patchwork squares.
They just sat there....because I couldn't take the next step.

I moved on to another experiment.
Without hesitation, I began ripping 
a white on white damask tablecloth
into strips.  I then used the 
quilt-as-you-go technique to sew the strips
to a square of batting.

Eventually I had a pile of patchwork squares,
and a pile of quilted damask strips.....
and a new idea took shape.

I brought out my stash of embroidered linens,
floss, buttons, ribbons and zippers.

That is how this little pouch was born.