Creating again...

Life has been consuming for several months, 
and juggling priorities means less time to create.
As you can see, blogging took a back seat.

This weekend, I decided to take photos
of these wonky, quirky sun catchers,
I have made recently.

My biggest goal in the studio is to make things
with the supplies I have on hand.

I have committed to a fair in November,
so whenever I can grab a few minutes,
I try to make little things.

These sun catchers were made 
while glued to the Weather Channel during
Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

My son lives in the Virgin Islands, 
and during both storms, I lost contact with him.
So I needed a distraction,
and this project was perfect for that reason.
Thankfully, he is fine. 

I dragged out some assorted wires,
and my beads and button stash.

I hammered wire into funky shapes.
Then I used assorted beads, charms, prisms and buttons, 
and wired them to the funky shapes.

They proved to be very difficult to photograph.
Even though they sparkled like crazy in the sunlight,
it was hard to capture that in photos.

The funky shapes didn't always lay flat.
But I truly enjoyed making them, 
and I am excited to make more.

Along with taking the photos,
comes the task of editing.
Somehow, I couldn't troubleshoot
why I can no longer resize my photos in Photoshop.
Just when I was making progress, technology 
stopped me in my tracks.
I sort of feel like the way my cat looks right now.

Life seems to be settling down,
and fall weather is right around the corner.
Crisp weather always puts me into a creating frenzy,
so I will be posting again soon.

Sooner or later I will figure out the resizing problem,
and hopefully can start stocking my Etsy shop soon.

I do have more projects in the works.
Stay tuned for that.

If you have made it this far reading my post,
I do thank you for stopping by.

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