What Makes Me Tick

I need to preface this post
with what I am writing about.
Yesterday I brought my mom shopping.
I wasn't sure how it would work out,
but it turned out to be a productive event.
A couple months ago,
mom fell and fractured her pelvic bone.
She spent 5 days in the hospital,
nd a month in rehab.
Her PT guy discharged her this week, 
and I thought maybe it was time
to get her out of the house.

Her eyes lit up when I offered to take her
shopping at Dress Barn.
(I have a wedding to attend in October)
She brought her cane,
and left the walker with wheels in the car,
(just in case).
She tried on some blouses and bought 4!
The sales associate wanted to take her home,
and had to give her a hug.
(That's kind of typical with mom).
I found shoes, a bag, and a sweater,
all for the wedding!  Score!

Next we drove to Joann's Fabric. 
(Mom stayed in the car with a book).
So this issue of Cloth Paper Scissors
caught my eye.
(the reason for this blog post)
I quickly leafed through it,
and threw it in my cart.
I used to subscribe to the mag,
but got bored with the same old thing....
The collaged bird (Clare Youngs)
on the cover caught my eye,
as well as Rae Missigman's colorful artwork.
Her art marks style is so recognizable.

Later, after dropping mom off,
I put my things away,
and settled down for some quiet time.
I had no idea there were so many other artists
featured in this issue!
Jody Alexander (featured artist)

So, getting back to what makes me tick?
Little things that catch my eye,
and get my art juices flowing.
Yesterday, it was the
Collage Bird with Hand-Painted Papers by Clare Youngs.
Her article lead to this purchase:  Creative Collage
I am frugal with my supplies,
and save every little bit.
The work of this artist provided me
with an "AHA" moment,
with what to do with my "little bits" of collage,
spilling out everywhere
in my currently very cluttered studio.
Stay tuned for my version of collage
with hand painted papers.

Hints of fall weather is sneaking in to my days,
which always puts me in the mood
to dabble in the studio.
I have a craft fair the weekend
before Thanksgiving,
so I have been busy working on projects
in between spending time with mom,
working full time,
and early morning moments in the studio.

I am dusting off my blog,
and will be stocking my Etsy shop
in the days ahead. 
If you are interested in what makes me tick,
please stop by again!

P.S. I love comments.