Happy Holidays

 For many, 2020 is a year to forget
A pandemic and divisive political season
overshadowed many events in our lives.

I remain grateful & hopeful
and thankful for all the good in my life.

This holiday will be simpler for me
a time to reflect on past memories
and current blessings.

I re-opened my Etsy shop this year
trying to get used to all the changes,
and was pleasantly surprised.

We welcomed a new (and first) grand-daughter,
bringing laughter and joy to our lives.

I am working hard behind the scenes,
creating and learning new skills.
Slowly I will be introducing new work.
Working a full-time day job
makes it difficult at times, 
but I am getting there.

 I just want to thank the
folks that support what I do, 
and extend a special thank you
to all the heroes on the front line.

Stay Safe, it won't always be this way.
We will get beyond this.
Happy Holidays
God Bless the USA


Missing in action...

 So much sadness to process...
We buried our beloved cat.
The pain was more raw than I expected.
I didn't realize the hold he had on my heart.
Diagnosed with lymphoma
6 months turned into over a year
That is when the closeness really developed
He needed me as much as I needed him
A beautiful bond, 
a memory I will forever cherish fondly.
I can't look at photos yet.

So time passes when you take time to heal.

Politics has never been so hurtful 
and dramatic, 
and divisive.
How did we get here?
I'm seeing sides of folks I have never seen before.
Family and Friends.
It's hard to comprehend.

Anyway, tried to focus in the studio,
and I have been making things.
Waiting for the best light to take photos,
grabbing time when I can to edit the photos,
then figure out something clever for the description,
and find time to get everything uploaded to Etsy.

I'm slowly making progress behind the scenes.
So fingers crossed, I can get the shop stocked really soon.

Oh, and we have a little grand-daughter in the family,
and she is a little heartbreaker!
So, I have been busy.

I heard Christmas Carols somewhere this week!

Be well and safe.
Life is good.


DREAM - What's in the bag

Scrappy Bag
Collaged Fiber Bits
Denim ~ Buttons ~ Lace
Metal Snap Closure
Cotton Calico lining with inner pocket
Snippets ~ Detachable strap
yummy details

Outer embellished denim pocket

Listed in my Etsy Shop soon!


Komebukuro - Japanese Rice Pouch

Komebukuro - Japanese Rice Pouch
Pattern by KZ Stevens
Click HERE to see many versions of her pattern
hashtag on instagram -  #kzstevens

These are small bags 

a great size for small projects

very easy to make

a great use of remnant scraps

a peak at my new paints

to be listed in my ETSY shop soon!
Thanks for visiting!


Handmade Pouches

 Handmade Pouches
Patchworks of assorted remnants
Kantha Quilts and bits from India
satin and silk linings and binding
slow stitched
snap closures
Available now in my ETSY shop
 (more details to be posted soon!)


Handmade Wristlet Clutch - pattern by Sewspire

The gray button with sparkly dots
came from a fancy dress my mom owned
when she was young. 

I would go crazy if found that fabric today!
I don't know how I had the sense 
to keep at least one button!

the centers are a bits of buttons and old jewelry
The gold beads on the brown flower
was once an earring...

the pearl center was once an earring

I experimented with different ways 
to make boho beads
and ended up with a pile
so I started adding to my projects
like these clutches and some 
of my scrap buster hearts

the interiors are simple (no pockets)
and the linings are soft satin or silk fabrics

this is the first clutch I made in the collection, 
and it is my favorite

 pattern is Wristlet Clutch by Sewspire on Youtube 

My version: 
pattern strap omitted
added handmade  velvet flower focal point
with adorned centers from broken jewelry bits
handmade boho beads - attached to one loop
sewn-in snap closure
Velvet flowers inspired by Lilla on Youtube 

"Velvet Blooms My Way"
A lovely lady from Hawaii 
who likes to film the things she likes to make.

*  Soon to be listed on Etsy  *



Coming soon....be still my heart.

an assortment of scrappy bits
stitches and lace

beads, sequins & sari trim

boho bead dangle

designer label sewn onto felt backed heart

"The best and most beautiful things in the world 
cannot be seen or even touched,
they must be felt with the heart".  
~ Helen Keller