Handmade Wristlet Clutch - pattern by Sewspire

The gray button with sparkly dots
came from a fancy dress my mom owned
when she was young. 

I would go crazy if found that fabric today!
I don't know how I had the sense 
to keep at least one button!

the centers are a bits of buttons and old jewelry
The gold beads on the brown flower
was once an earring...

the pearl center was once an earring

I experimented with different ways 
to make boho beads
and ended up with a pile
so I started adding to my projects
like these clutches and some 
of my scrap buster hearts

the interiors are simple (no pockets)
and the linings are soft satin or silk fabrics

this is the first clutch I made in the collection, 
and it is my favorite

 pattern is Wristlet Clutch by Sewspire on Youtube 

My version: 
pattern strap omitted
added handmade  velvet flower focal point
with adorned centers from broken jewelry bits
handmade boho beads - attached to one loop
sewn-in snap closure
Velvet flowers inspired by Lilla on Youtube 

"Velvet Blooms My Way"
A lovely lady from Hawaii 
who likes to film the things she likes to make.

*  Soon to be listed on Etsy  *


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