Grandchildren are little miracles!

Hello Blogland.
I think this blog dates back to 2006.
Facebook & Instagram came along, 
and this blog began collecting a lot of dust.

In the meantime, I have been learning new skills,
and finally officially became semi-retired.

I have been spending time
with some pretty special grandkids.

A fun day at the Boston Aquarium.

 First Birthday with bubbles of course.

My Esty shop has been in vacation mode
for longer than I planned.

I have been cleaning my studio;
re-organizing and purging!

Even though I have not been actively posting 
my crafts on social media, 
I have been busy working in the studio, 
(when I am not being entertained by the little ones).

Now that I have more time on my hands,
I am exploring the pros and cons of
keeping this blog, 
and stocking my Etsy shop.

It takes quite a bit of time to take photos,
create listings, and bookkeeping.

Thank you for your visit if you made it this far.
Stay tuned if you are interested in 
the future of this site.

Meanwhile, I am behind the scenes
feeling a little rusty with my blogging skills,
but giving it my best shot.


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