Grandchildren are little miracles!

Hello Blogland.
Back in the day when blogs was a "thing",
I spent a lot of time here.
Then came Facebook & Instagram and 
this blog began collecting a lot of dust.

Trends come and go, 
and I think I'll dust this blog off;
do a little housekeeping,
and start fresh in 2023.

In the meantime, I have been 
learning new skills,
planning my retirement from a great job
of almost 26 years;

and most important, 
I have been spending time
with some pretty special grandkids.

A fun day at the Boston Aquarium.

 First Birthday with bubbles of course.

My Esty shop has been in vacation mode
for longer than I planned.
In the meantime, I need to figure out
if it makes sense to keep it open.
Covid shined a light 
on the ways of doing business.
Shipping costs are climbing,
and Uncle Sam wants a piece of the pie.

So I have been cleaning my studio;
re-organizing and purging!
I will be retired in summer 2023, or 
semi-retired for starters.
By then, I will have a better plan
on how I will sell my creations.

I was pleasantly surprised to see
that Blogger has worked on a few things.
I think I will poke around, 
and maybe give it another shot.

If you are interested,
I hope you will drop by again.

Thanks for visiting today.

Happy New Year!

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